Tuesday, June 25, 2024

1inch Token Price Went Up 100% In A Few Hours

Altcoin approached its all-time high of about $ 7.7. The cryptocurrency rate began to grow rapidly after listing on the Upbit crypto exchange

The price of 1inch token on the Binance crypto exchange rose by 100% in a few hours, peaking at $ 7.7. The asset approached its all-time high of $ 7.8, which was set in May this year.

As of October 27 , the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 5.8, over the past day it has risen in price by 43%.

The 1inch price has skyrocketed after listing on the leading South Korean crypto exchange Upbit. Altcoin is available for trading on the site in pairs with Bitcoin (BTC) and South Korean Won (KRW).

Altcoin price has risen despite the global pullback of the crypto market. Against the background of a sharp decline in the bitcoin rate to $ 58 thousand, traders lost over $ 548 million.

The hardest hit were users of crypto exchanges that traded Ethereum ($ 244.5 million loss). 1inch price fell to $ 3.9 thousand.

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