Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Twitter Added Bitcoin Donation Option

The social network will not take a commission for transfers in cryptocurrency. At the moment, the function is only available on devices with the iOS operating system.

Twitter has added a feature that allows Bitcoin donations to be sent. At the moment, it is available only on devices with the iOS operating system, in the coming weeks it is promised to be added to Android. This was reported in the official blog of the company.

Transfers will be carried out using the Lighting Network (allows you to send bitcoin faster and cheaper). To send and receive cryptocurrency, users of social networks need to connect a Lighting wallet or bind a bitcoin address.

To send a donation, you need to click on the icon that appeared next to the “Read” button. After that, you can select the service for sending the transfer. This option is only available to adult users. Twitter will not charge any fees for transfers.

The creator of the social network Jack Dorsey announced plans to integrate bitcoin into Twitter in July this year.

In addition to being able to support authors, Dorsey said that the first cryptocurrency will be integrated into existing products and services, including paid subscriptions and commerce.

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