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Bitcoin is ready for a big move

Analyst William Clemente explains why the quotes of the main digital coin could skyrocket in the near future.

Bitcoin is ready for large scale movement of quotations, said analyst Will Clemente. On his Twitter (136 thousand subscribers), he published a chart with an indicator, which speaks of a possible imminent exit of the price of the first cryptocurrency from a narrow range.

Regarding the direction of the further movement of the bitcoin rate, Clemente wrote that he was optimistic. According to the analyst, the market is now in the accumulation stage, and large players continue to actively buy the first cryptocurrency.

Clemente noted last week that whale stocks increased by 65,429 bitcoin. The analyst added that in the near future, there may be a shortage of Bitcoin supply, as large players often acquire assets for long term purposes.

Clemente also stressed that the growth in the number of cryptocurrency users continues. At the same time, usually after the market passes the peaks, this number decreases.

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