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Top Promising Cryptocurrency in March-April

Alternatives to Ethereum and its competitors, leading decentralized finance projects, as well as other coins that can show growth in the short term
  • Mina

I would pay attention to these three coins: MINA (the token of the Mina protocol focused on financial transactions), AVAX (the token of the Avalanche blockchain platform) and Solana (SOL).

The Mina protocol is interesting because it offers a higher level of privacy through the use of zero-knowledge proof. I can’t say that before them no one tried to somehow implement similar ideas, but here, technically, everything looks viable. And most importantly, the blockchain is focused on interaction with Ethereum and decentralized applications (snapps instead of dapps). A fairly large number of investment funds showed interest in the project, I believe that the coin has every chance to grow well before the end of the year.

  • Solana and Avalanche tokens

In my opinion, will grow throughout 2022 and 2023 (of course, adjusted for periodic drops, we are talking about cryptocurrencies). These are ecosystem projects whose goal is to create an infrastructure for decentralized finance.

This niche, I am sure, will continue to grow due to the influx of new users and capital. Geopolitical tensions, increased pressure from regulators on financial markets, in general, everything that Bitcoin was created to counteract – all this contributes to the spread of ideas of decentralization, and finance is no exception.

  • Ethereum Classic, Beam, Ravencoin

To crypto assets that may show stronger dynamics in the near future, I would include ETC, BEAM and RVN. The transition to the second version of the Ethereum protocol has accelerated in recent days, and in the future, miners will need to choose the assets that they will mine instead of ETH.

With the transition of farms to other assets that can be mined using the GPU, the complexity of mining in networks will increase, and the price of these assets will accordingly tend to increase (more complex mining tends to affect the value of the asset).

The most profitable assets mined, like ETH, now include ETC and RVN. I expect the price of BEAM to rise against the backdrop of the development of the roadmap project: at the end of last year, the developers announced major plans for 2022, including a major fork, smart contracts for deploying DeFi, and various NFT solutions.

In general, this sector of alternatives to ETH for mining is an investment attractiveness, and technologically similar projects can be no less profitable in this regard.

“Coin Top Secret” does not give investment advice, the material is published for informational purposes only. Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset that can lead to financial losses.

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